Ladies' Night at Graham Crackers Comics in downtown Chicago was founded by Hannah K Chapman in January 2012.  The first Wednesday of every month you can find a bevvy of ladies discussing comic books, video games, movies, fantasy, science fiction, zines...a little bit of everything.  We don't always agree, but we work hard to make it a welcoming space and a big part of that is encouraging our creative members with projects like our anthology.  

From 2013 to 2017, Ladies' Night Anthology put out a new volume every single year, each with its own unique theme.  The editors and creators were all volunteers, making 4 to 6 page comics from scratch as dedicated teams that come together specifically for the purpose.  Many of our participants were local to Chicago, but we've had people from all around the world contribute.  Many of them had never made a comic before, and some are students, some use the piece for their portfolios and have gone on to get work as inkers, colorists, and storyboarders.  All of the creators were women, genderqueer, or nonbinary, and we prided ourselves on guiding teams from the first steps to the finished process, an editor present every step of the way.  We've created a community of over 100 amazing talents and couldn't be prouder of what they do.

As of 2019, Ladies' Night Anthology has no plans to make new anthologies.  We're growing and changing, and can't wait to show you what's in the works.

You can find our past editors all over the internet: Lauren BurkeMegan ByrdCaitlin Rosberg, and Summer Sparacin.


Find out about all our contributors on the pages for each book.