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(Kidding. Hopefully the FAQs below help, if not contact us at LadiesNightAnthology@gmail.com. Submissions are currently CLOSED. See below for links.)


Who can submit to Ladies' Night Anthology?

We accept submissions from all women, nonbinary, or genderqueer/genderfluid creators.  We understand that the experiences of women and nonbinary people vary wildly, and it's important for us to include as many different perspectives as possible.  If you have any questions, please feel to let us know, we're here to help.


How long does the comic have to be?

We are looking for stories that range in length from 4-6 pages. Once we pair our writers and artists together, we encourage our writers to discuss the length with their editor and artist to see what works best for the story, as well as what the artist is able to commit to creating.


How do I know if my work has been accepted?

If you can submit your work by the deadline (APRIL 30), you are in the running for the anthology.  We do give preference to creators that have not participated before and to those local to Chicago, but you will hear from us by mid-May with your assignments.  PLEASE NOTE: Expressing interest in participating is not the same as sending us a story / art pitch! Just do it!


What is the theme of the anthology?

Volume 5 is SISTERS! In our fifth year, we wanted to pick a topic that reinforces our mission statement - bringing women together to kick ass (and make comics). Sisters are the women who dare us to be more. Sometimes we’re born with them, sometimes we choose them. We always fight beside them. Send us art & story pitches inspired by sisters in every form.


Be creative with the theme!  Push the envelope and go in exciting new directions.  Show us something unexpected.


What size should the art be?

If you are an artist: we are looking for you to submit a single pin-up illustration inspired by the theme, Sisters, as your pitch to the editors. Final artwork with bleed should be 10.5 in x 16 in, 300 DPI, CMYK.  You can dowload a PSD template here.  We really encourage you to use the template to make sure everything is the rightsize and format.  Your ability to deliver a pitch in the correct format will influence our decision.  Please keep your pitches "safe for work" as they may be used as promotional images for the book.


Can I write AND draw a comic by myself?

For the anthology, we want creators to commit to one role per story. But you can certainly write one story and draw another! Just make submissions for both separately.


I have a comic I already created that fits the theme! Can I submit it?

We only accept comics that are created specifically for the anthology. But we're glad you're already in the right frame of mind!


Can I submit prose or a single illustration for the anthology?

No. We no longer print prose in the anthology and rarely single illustrations, but we sometimes publish a zine with this kind of work as a companion to the anthology. If you want to submit, please contact us directly. 


Who owns the rights for the comics in the anthology?

The creators own the rights and can reprint and share their work. We only ask that the work is not shared before the anthology is printed. We may reprint the anthologies as well, so once the comics are created for the anthology, they cannot be withdrawn from the archive. Spot illustrations and posters submitted for the anthology will also be used to promote the anthology.


Are creators paid for their work in the anthology?

No, our current model does not include compensation for creators. The goal for LNA is to offer the opportunity to make comics in a collaborative and professional manner. That includes working with editors, other creators, and having deadlines and revisions throughout each stage of creation. This makes it a great opportunity for first time creators or those that have made comics but wish to experience collaborative creation. You are guaranteed to have your work published as long as it is created by the deadlines.


Do I get a copy of the anthology if I participate?

If you are an editor, contribute a script, or create artwork for a story, you will receive one free copy of the anthology and can buy more at print cost.


Can I sell copies of the anthology I contributed to?

Yes! And we encourage it. Every creator has the opportunity to purchase the anthology at print cost to sell at conventions. The more copies we print, the cheaper they are! (Please contact us if you need more copies of previous volumes - we have leftovers and also plan to do a second printing when needed.) 

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