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There are tons of resources all over the internet if youre interested in starting a ladies' night or anthology (or both!) of your own.  Here are some of our favorites.

The Valkyries are "the women and girls behind the counters of comic shops worldwide. Owners, managers, salespeople, interns, social media gurus, convention volunteers and organizers, cosplayers and more." Check them out!

A listing of comic book stores that are friendly to women, kids, LGBTQ folks, and those with limited mobility.  There's even a list of really unsafe spaces, so you can finda  local comic shop that's welcoming!  Check out their list (not complete) of shops that have their own ladies' night.

As Alexa herself puts it: "Ladies Making Comics is dedicated to the unique power of the graphic narrative as a tool of women’s expression throughout the past, present, and future of the medium."  Now that's a cause we can get behind!

What's better that one nerd woman writing about comics, movies, video games, TV, and more?  How about a whole gaggle of them!  The Mary Sue provides insights into all aspects of geek culture, with some serious writing chops.

The women over at WWAC report on comic news, with a feminist slant.  There's even an effort to host online meetups for the organizers of ladies' nights around the country so people can share info and ideas.  Check them out!Add News Story here

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